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Are you a relative of Andrew Kerins?

Despite his legacy as founder of Celtic FC, little is known about Brother Walfrid’s life, and we want to change that, but we need your help.

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May is Local and Community History Month, and we’re always striving to find out more about Celtic FC founder Andrew Kerins, better known as Brother Walfrid, the Catholic missionary who used football to transform the lives of people in Glasgow’s East End. 

Despite Brother Walfrid being arguably one of the most influential figures on early Scottish football, relatively little is known about his life, especially the first years he spent in Glasgow in the 1850s. We want to change that and raise awareness of his life and work.

So if you’re a relative of Brother Walfrid, know someone who is, or have any information about his life, please get in touch with us now!

The Nine Muses have commissioned a PhD in the study of his life, which is being undertaken by economic and social history graduate Michael Connelly at the University of Stirling, supervised by Dr Joe Bradley.