St. Mary's Glasgow

St. Mary’s Glasgow

The Brother Walfrid Connection

St. Mary’s Church in the Calton area of Glasgow is where Brother Walfrid earned his spurs.

Helping the poor Irish immigrant community that had clustered around Glasgow’s east end from the 1850s onwards.

Walfrid spent 1869-1874 working as a teacher in a school attached to St. Mary’s, Calton.

He set up a football team and a literary society to encourage reading among the children he taught.

And he forged links with local employers so children could get a job when they left school.

The Celtic Connection

Celtic F.C. was formally constituted at St. Mary’s Church hall in the Calton on 6 November 1887.

By Brother Walfrid.

The club was set up to raise money for the “penny dinner” scheme Brother Walfrid had established to feed the young children under his charge at St. Mary’s school.

The interior of St. Mary’s, Calton, in the east end of Glasgow.

St Mary’s Now

St. Mary’s is the second oldest church in the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

It is a Category A listed building.

Celtic legend Tommy Burns’ funeral was held at St. Mary’s in 2008.

Between August 2009 and April 2011 St. Mary’s acted as the pro-cathedral while the main Glasgow cathedral (St. Andrew’s) was renovated.

Now it houses the original Brother Walfrid painting by Peter Howson. You can go and view it there in all its glory.

St. Mary’s has undergone extensive renovation over the years but more is needed. And money is needed to undertake the work.

Father Thomas White, parish priest at St. Mary’s, Calton.

The Boxed Set

And that’s where the Brother Walfrid boxed set comes in.

Thirty per cent of the boxed set sales will go towards the St. Mary’s Renovation Fund, which will be used to undertake much-needed renovation work at St. Mary’s Church in the Calton area of Glasgow’s east end.

The remainder will be ploughed back into the campaign to raise awareness of Celtic’s founding father, Brother Walfrid.

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The Brother Walfrid Limited Edition boxed set.