"Starting Celtic in that incredible way – the charity of the man; the power and humility of the man – I'm sure he'd be amazed at what the club has become.”

Peter Howson

Born in 1958, Peter Howson is a Scottish artist famous for his often disturbing and controversial work.

He is best known for his portrayal of masculine working men.

Possessing a distinctive style, you know a “Peter Howson” when you see one.

Scotland’s Greatest Living Artist?

Howson prints are in high demand and he is considered one of Scotland’s greatest living artists.

His influences include Picasso and Cubism, surrealism including Salvador Dali, plus Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Born in London in 1958 but raised in Ayr from the age of four, Howson grew up in a religious family and his work often returns to themes such as crucifixion.

He can perhaps be credited with starting a new renaissance in religious paintings in the world of contemporary art.

His images often challenge us to consider preconceptions of religious characters and stories.

Glasgow School of Art

Howson studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1975 and was one of the leading lights of the New Glasgow Boys movement of Scottish figurative painters who burst onto the art scene in the 1980s.

Peter Howson OBE (an honour he has since returned) was the official war artist for the Bosnian conflict in 1993. He has battled mental illness including depression, and drug and alcohol addiction. He has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Brother Walfrid full image Peter Howson artist.

The iconic image of Brother Walfrid painted by Peter Howson, and commissioned by Nine Muses.

Brother Walfrid Commission

In 2008 Howson was commissioned to paint a portrait of Celtic founder Brother Walfrid.

He had previously produced a painting of Saint John Ogilvie to commemorate the renovation of St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow.

Peter Howson’s painting was unveiled in November 2014. “Brother Walfrid” is the study of a son of a peasant farmer, Irish immigrant, Marist Brother, and the central figure in the formation of Celtic Football Club.

He said: “The green in the painting was a conscious decision and makes me feel Brother Walfrid’s connection with Celtic Football Club. This man created this incredible worldwide thing.

“I don’t know if any miracles have been attributed to Brother Walfrid. I think you’ve got to have at least one miracle…maybe Celtic is the miracle.”

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Peter Howson Artwork

For any Peter Howson fans, the organisation behind the campaign to raise awareness of Brother Walfrid is a huge fan too.

Brother Walfrid preparatory sketches Peter Howson artist.

Preparatory sketches that the artist Peter Howson made when painting his Brother Walfrid masterpiece.

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