Brother Walfrid’s 12 days of Christmas: Day Seven!

“The 9 Muses” name comes from Greek Mythology which is rich with gods and goddesses but none were as influential as the Nine Muses who were created to give inspiration, knowledge, artistry and music to the ancient world.

Hence it fitting that the 9 Muses choose this name as included in projects The 9 Muses have been responsible for and are proud to have in their portfolio are not only Art but also Music, Education and Film & Documentary.

One of these Documentaries is the The Founder.

This covers the full life and legacy of Brother Walfrid as we know it so far but the dvd documentary, which comes with the limited edition boxed set of Brother Walfrid, wasn’t always intended to be that.

When we were designing and developing ideas for the project and the stunning packaging for the Limited edition Prints of Peter Howson’s Brother Walfrid and we knew we wanted to do it do the highest possible degree of quality and not cut a single corner, after all we had to do the name of Brother Walfrid proud with this project. Therefor we would use the best inks, the most beautiful fine art paper, it would be colour matched and picked by the artist, Peter Howson and it would be packaged and authenticated in the most sophisticated way possible.

We had intended to ‘document’ these wonderful processes, techniques and hopfully discover more about Peter’s (Howson) inspiration behind his depiction of Walfrid along the way.

But, like anything we do here at The 9 Muses the process of documenting our efforts and expertise we had involved in Peter Howson project had incubated immense passion by this time – we had researched Brother Walfrid’s full life, i’d dedicated most of my free time to researching Walfrid with enlisted help from Professor Joe Bradley, Sir Tom Devine, had read countless articles, visited Archives in Glasgow and researched archives in Rome, the list was endless.

Our passion for Brother Walfrid, what he stood for and the social and biological factors that may have caused him to have become the man he became, they had not only truly inspired us to continue to make a difference in the name of Walfird, but it had captured out hearts enough to make it impossible not to make a short film about it. The Founder was Founded.

Our next step was to secure interviews with these iconic experts- Bradley and Devine, Howson was already so willing to spread the work he was over the moon to give his interviews on such a passionate subject- an image that representated Faith and helping those who needed it . Done.

We hired filmakers and heading their operations up was BAFTA award winner Paul Hineman, with him we toured Glasgow,Dumfries and Galloway, Sligo and Strokestown, Ireland filmaing all things Walfrid, Celtic and exploring The Great Hunger in even greater detail.

We explored subjects of “Paradise”, the “Real Walfrid”,  “Education” and  Sainthood with experts and curators. The interviews were spectacular and all about ‘the man that got the ball rolling.’

We next devised a script for the voiceover and had some clear views that we wanted someone who was educated on he subject matter, who could share our absolute passion for this man and raising spirits and legacies of these times passed…. given his previous interest of exploring the subject himself we were delighted to work with the perfect person – Peter Mullan



Emma O'Neil

Peter Mullan with Emma O’Neil-Recording voiceover .

The greatest impact was still to be achieved by captivating peoples emotion through all of the senses, we wanted to explore Original score music for this documentary, it had to be original like every other thing involved in this project- it had to belong to Walfrid.

This lead us to work on composing and engineering tracks with GRAMMY Award winner, David Donaldson .

David is awarded for this work on Academy Award winning movies like “Ray” with Jamie Foxx, The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge.

What a captivating watch we had. I remember going to view for the first ever time in Paul Hineman’s office at 8pm in Glasgow city centre and i was just overwhelmed by how well it represented our efforts for Walfrid.

i have worked with Peter Howson fopr many years but watching his exclusive interviews on his inspiration for how he painted Walfrid and the starving imigrants of the Irish Famine …..Epic!

“Brother Walfrid: The Founder, was a film that affected me deeply because it brought to light the values and integrity of the Brother Walfrid narrative. I’ve since spoken to others who have seen the film who were also impacted in a positive and life-giving way. It suggests to me the ability of this story to break down barriers and find the good in humanity.”

Richard Purden, journalist and author

The Documentary was screened in 3 private viewings to Bloggers, Journalists, investors and Massive celtic officials and executive directors.

We continue to research Brother Walfrid’s Life throught the PhD but also we have made major inward roads to do a seconf film on Walfrid’s Life.

We would love to hear from campaigners about their thoughts on the documentary and any future works.