Brother Walfrid’s 12 Days of Christmas: Day One!

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In true Chrismas Spirit, The 9 Muses, along with Michael Connolly is doing ’12 Days of Walfrid’, each day starting today we will be giving away exclusive interviews, facts, behind the scenes looks at the Brother Walfrid Campaign and how we have developed it.

We will also be giving away some amazing Brother Walfrid Merchandise and have a major announcement.

Day One is us celebrating Walfrid’s Life and Timeline with these 12 Facts.

Brother Walfrid – 12 Facts

  1. Brother Walfrid was born on 18th May 1840 in Carton Phibbs near Ballymote, County Sligo. He was Christened Andrew Kerins.
  2. Andrew Kerins left Ireland following An Gorta Mor – an event described the historian Christine Kinealy as ‘a truly terrible tragedy’ in which over 1.5 million people fled their homeland.
  3. It is understood that Walfrid left traveled across the Irish Sea with his friend Bart McGettrick on a coal boat at the age of 15 (in 1855 – soon after the Great Hunger).
  4. Michael Davitt – a leading figure in the formation of Celtic Football Club along with Brother Walfrid – referred to the Great Hunger as a ‘holocaust of humanity’ such was the scale of suffering.
  5. Brother Walfrid joined the Marist Brotherhood in 1864 at the age of 24 and traveled to Beauchamp in the south of France to take his oath and be educated in the Marist tradition.
  6. Walfrid was appointed the headmaster of St Mary’s school in the Calton area of Glasgow aged 34 in 1874.
  7. In Scotland, there were only 39 Catholics recorded in the city of Glasgow but there was 60 anti-Catholic societies – this hints at the anti-Catholic prejudice encountered by Walfrid and the thousands of other Irish Catholics who had immigrated during the nineteenth century.
  8. Celtic Football Club was founded in the parish hall of St Mary’s, Calton at a meeting chaired by John Glass with the stated aim of generating money for local charities.
  9. The Scottish Sport wrote in 1888 that Celtic FC was ‘the best combination of Irishmen that has ever been raised in Scotland, knitted together by an unquenchable desire to do honour to the Emerald Isle, from which they sprung’.
  10. Walfrid was transferred to London in 1892 by the Marist Brotherhood where he would work as headmaster of St Anne’s School in Whitechapel following his success in Glasgow.
  11. In 1911, Walfrid was quoted in the Scottish Observer at a celebration dinner hosted by Celtic as saying “Well, well, time has brought changes and outside ourselves, there are few left of the old brigade. I know none of these present players, but they are under the old colours and quartered in the dear old quarters and that suffices’.
  12. Brother Walfrid died on the 17th of April 1915 aged 74 – he lies in repose at Mount St Michael Cemetery in Dumfries where he spent his last years in retirement with the Marists.

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The Brother Walfrid statue outside Celtic Park.