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We want you to pledge your support to the campaign to raise awareness of Celtic founder Brother Walfrid. To help get the great man the recognition he richly deserves.

We need your support.

Here are five reasons why you should pledge:

  • Brother Walfrid was a great man, who helped thousands of poor and needy Irish immigrants over a quarter of a century in Glasgow’s east end.
  • He was one of the first people in the UK to recognise the empowering force for good that is football. Celtic Football Club was set up to provide meals, dinners, for the needy.
  • Without Brother Walfrid there would be no Celtic F.C.
  • If you pledge your support you are directly helping the campaign to raise awareness of this important man.
  • It will take you thirty seconds and we will send you a certificate that you can print off and stick/frame on your wall.
Brother Walfrid pledge certificate.

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And…pledging your support for Brother Walfrid’s further recognition is free.

Without Brother Walfrid there would quite simply be no Celtic. A visionary who created a club that people could identify with, who to this very day live their lives by.

 Matt McGlone, Editor, Alternative View