The documentary

The Documentary

The “Brother Walfrid: Founder” documentary comes as part of the Peter Howson “Brother Walfrid” Limited Edition Boxed Set.

It reveals the inspirational story of Brother Walfrid, as narrated by BAFTA-winning actor and director Peter Mullan.


The hour-long documentary includes an extensive interview with Peter Howson, exclusive to the limited edition boxed set, in which he speaks of capturing the spirit of the great humanitarian and founder of Celtic Football Club.

Professor Sir Tom Devine

The film also includes contributions from Professor Sir Tom Devine and Dr Joe Bradley.

The exquisite premium finish on the Brother Walfrid Limited Edition boxed set.

The Brother Walfrid Story

The story of Andrew Kerins, or Brother Walfrid as he’s more commonly known, is inextricably linked to Glasgow’s east end and the birth of one of the most famous football clubs in the world, Celtic F.C.

However, his early life was shaped by a human catastrophe on a scale the likes of which had never been seen before – the famine of 1845.

This story is one of triumph over adversity, of compassion and humility.

Brother Walfrid: The Founder, was a film that affected me deeply because it brought to light the values and integrity of the Brother Walfrid narrative. I’ve since spoken to others who have seen the film who were also impacted in a positive and life-giving way. It suggests to me the ability of this story to break down barriers and find the good in humanity.

Richard Purden, journalist and author

His Legacy

His legacy is remarkable; both in terms of his care for the poor, the hungry and the downtrodden in Glasgow and London, as well as the football club he started.


This documentary, which was filmed on location in Glasgow, Belfast, Dumfries & Galloway and Sligo, features interviews with historical and social experts, as well as those involved in Brother Walfrid’s legacy.

The film was produced and directed by the late BAFTA winner Paul Hineman. It was shot by Michael Sherrington and the original score was written by Grammy Award winner Dave Donaldson.

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The Brother Walfrid Limited Edition boxed set merits a private viewing.