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So Who’s Behind the Awareness-Raising Campaign?

Nine Muses owns https://brotherwalfridart.co.uk

The company sells original contemporary art online.

Nine Muses (UK) Ltd is a company owned and managed by Emma O’Neil.

Clients span the globe.


A Catholic raised in Glasgow, supporting Celtic, Emma was inspired to set up the Brother Walfrid awareness-raising campaign after reading and learning about the Irish Famine.

I’m inquisitive by nature and the more I learnt about it the more interested I became in this terrible period of European history. Most people would have left it at that.

However, after becoming fascinated by the tireless work Andrew Kerins put in over a quarter of a century to alleviate the conditions of poor Irish immigrants displaced from Ireland to Glasgow, I wanted to do something about it.

The Power of Three

So Emma did three things:

  • Commissioned famous Scottish artist Peter Howson to paint a huge picture of the Celtic founder.
  • Commissioned a one-hour documentary – tracing the life of Brother Walfrid and exploring the Irish Famine.
  • Created a unique limited edition boxed set, thirty per cent of the sales from which would go to the St. Mary’s Renovation Fund, with the remainder being used to fund the campaign to raise awareness of Brother Walfrid.

Get Behind the Awareness-Raising Campaign

Emma, who lives near Glasgow, hopes people will show support for the campaign to raise awareness of Brother Walfrid’s life and works.

She said: “Little is known about the life and times of Brother Walfrid. We want to change all that. We do know that he led a life of virtue and had a huge impact on the people of Glasgow, a legacy that endures to this day.

“I would urge everyone who holds Celtic dear to their heart to get behind this campaign.

Without Brother Walfrid there would be no Celtic, and the lives of thousands of Irish immigrants, our forefathers, would have been a whole lot harder.

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